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Compact House Under 1200 SqFt
Medium House Under 2500 SqFt
Large House Under 3500 SqFt
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XXL House Over 5000 SqFt
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Gutter Cleaning (proposal up-sell)
Gutter Guard Installation (proposal up-sell)
House Washing (proposal up-sell)
Roof Cleaning (proposal up-sell)
(( IN TESTING )) Recurring Gutter Cleaning Service (proposal up-sell)
Composite Deck Cleaning (proposal up-sell)
Concrete, Stone or Paver Cleaning (proposal up-sell)
Deck Cleaning And Wood Restoration (proposal up-sell)
Fence Cleaning (proposal up-sell)
Handyman & Remodeling Services (proposal up-sell)
Ice Dam Removal (proposal up-sell)
~SPOT CLEANING - Houses (proposal up-sell)
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